Xtreme Details

  • Xtreme Dream Builder™

    Turn your dreams into reality with the XTREME DREAM BUILDER™. Here, you can apply the 'Law of Attraction' using the power of virtual dream board technology. Remember, it's what you dream that sets you apart. Start now, and get ready to build your XTREME DREAM!


    • Online access to our proprietary virtual dream board technology
    • The opportunity to build unlimited 'XtremeDream Boards' virtually that play on any computer or mobile device
    • Access to our extensive online library of motivational images, music, affirmations, quotes and the option to upload your own customized media files
    • Ability to write in your XtremeDream Journal and track your dreams with the XtremeDream Tracker
  • Xtreme Goal Tracker™

    Have trouble sticking to your goals? You're not alone-which is why we partnered with some of the brightest minds from Yale University to build the XtremeGoal Tracker. With this proprietary technology, you will turn an ordinary goal into something much more powerful-a Commitment Contract. If you're willing to put your money where your mouth is-then get ready to increase your results by 300%.

    XTREME GOAL TRACKER™ includes:

    • Online access to your XtremeGoal Tracker account with pre-built goal categories to help you maximize your results in the most important areas for your business
    • Ability to turn your performance goals into Commitment Contracts, and increase your success ratio by 300%
    • An accountability program with access to a referee, supporters, and the option to apply 'stakes' or financial wagers on your Commitment Contracts
    • The opportunity to publish your Commitment Contracts on Facebook for increased accountability and visibility across our social networks
  • Xtreme Leads 360°™

    Have you burnt through your warm market and found yourself in the NFL club-No Friends Left? Then get ready to shift your business into overdrive with our full-service lead generation system XTREME LEADS 360°™. These laser-targeted leads of entrepreneurs searching for a home-based business will help you expand your business exponentially!

    XTREME LEADS 360°™ includes:

    • Access to the hottest home-based business seekers that are looking for the right business to join
    • Ability to purchase leads based on specific geographic locations, and leads that have been pre-qualified by our private call center
    • Option to purchase leads at an 80% discount from the industry standard
    • Specialized training to teach you exactly what to say to your leads on the phone to get them interested in joining your business
  • Xtreme Team Builder™

    Looking for an easier way to recruit more people onto your team? The XtremeTeam Builder system takes all of your leads and automatically sorts them into the four B.A.N.K.™ personality types! Then, using the scripts from our BANK Personality Sales Training System, you'll know exactly what to say to each prospect to get them to join your business. The XTREME TEAM BUILDER™ will help you 'Crack the Personality Code and Take it to the BANK'!

    XTREME TEAM BUILDER™ includes:

    • Access to the most advanced Team-Building technology that sorts your leads according to their personality type, complete with surveys, videos, and a free report download for your prospects
    • Your own lead-capture system complete with an opt-in landing page and four customized websites specifically designed for each of the four BANK™ personality types
    • A back-office system that includes customized auto-responders, CRM, reporting analytics, social media tools, smart phone app, and so much more
    • Specialized BANK™ scripts and training so that you can easily connect with your prospect according to their respective personality type, and recruit them directly into your business
  • Xtreme Success Coaching™

    If you're ready to declare that failure if NOT an option and you're committed to reach your next level of peak performance, then you're ready for XTREME SUCCESS COACHING™. Our coaches will guide you, mentor you, hold you accountable, and help you experience success at a level most people never achieve.


    • Access to industry leaders and experts that can help you move to your next level
    • A robust list of coaching programs that focus on everything from mindset and belief systems, to sales and recruiting mastery
    • Flexibility to choose from group coaching packages to customized and highly effective private coaching options
    • The opportunity to stay up-to-date on the top trends in the industry and accelerate your success with top-rate guidance, mastermind sessions and direction
  • Xtreme Training Store™

    It's no coincidence that 'Leaders are Readers'. Top producers everywhere continue to invest in themselves and embrace the concept of 'Lifelong Learner'. Our XTREME TRAINING STORE™ gives you access to the industry's best training tools, books, audio programs, and resources. As a Global XTS™ subscriber, you can shop here and build your ultimate personal development library.


    • Access to the best training tools in the industry, including books, audio and video programs, and more
    • Direct access to the B.A.N.K.™ Personality Sales Training System audio program
    • Option to print customized business cards to promote your Xtreme Team Builder™ lead-generation website system
    • Live chat support and customer service access for bulk orders
    • Exclusive discounts and promos available only to Global XTS® subscribers
  • Xtreme Training Saturdays™

    Global XTS™ delivers first-class education and training experiences at every XTREME TRAINING SATURDAY™ event around the world. At these events, you and your team will learn to master the skill sets required to accelerate your income and your business to the next level. As a Global XTS™ client, you will be entitled to special discounts and privileges reserved just for you!


    • Fundamental training topics and techniques designed to teach you the critical core skills sets needed to win in business
    • An opportunity to meet the Global XTS™ XTREME TEAM of experts up close and personal
    • An environment for you and your team to plug into, and practice, drill, rehearse
    • The option to upgrade to VIP seating and network with other industry leaders and distributors
  • Xtreme Training Summits™

    The XTREME TRAINING SUMMIT™ is the ultimate multi-day training experience, offered on an annual basis in major world markets. Each XTREME TRAINING SUMMIT™ features the industry's top experts who will share their xtremestrategies on recruiting, selling, internet marketing, lead generation, social media, scripting, networking, public speaking, leadership, and much, much more. As a Global XTS™ client, you will be entitled to special discounts and privileges reserved just for you!

    XTREME TRAINING SUMMIT™ events include:

    • A once-in-a-lifetime chance to network with industry experts and 6 -7 figure income earners
    • Admission into the most important and relevant training sessions and breakout workshops hosted by our XTREME TEAM of industry experts
    • Access to after-hour mixers and VIP parties for an over-the-top, unforgettable experience
    • Awards and Recognition events to celebrate the success of our best students, clients, and affiliates