• Cheri Tree CEO & Founder

    Cheri Tree is Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Global XTS. She is also the author and creator of the B.A.N.K.™ Personality Sales Training System. With her incredible background in business, sales, and leadership, combined with her international experience and networking savvy, Cheri is building and leading a world-class sales training company for multiple industries.

    Cheri has a Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation and Leadership, with a minor in Business and Entrepreneurship from Brigham Young University. With a love for the outdoors and leadership, Cheri worked for the University's outdoor recreation division and led many expeditions as a certified White Water Rafting Guide.

    After college, she began working as an Operations Manager for a Fortune 100 company, and later accepted a position more suited for her at REI. Here, she worked from the company's Headquarters to expand their retail stores nationally and internationally. Two years later, Cheri was offered a job at the Franklin Covey Headquarters and was responsible for building the international sales channel for the Asia-Pacific territory, working directly with the company's Franchisees.

    Although her career in Corporate America was on the Fast Track, Cheri was more passionate about building her own business as an entrepreneur. Inspired by her mentor, Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Cheri made the decision to build her business in the Direct Sales and Network Marketing Industry. With her passion for business and people, Cheri joined Primerica Financial Services, the 7th largest publicly traded company in the industry. Over the next five years, she was immersed in the world of money, banking, and investing, and became fully licensed in insurance and investments, including her Series 6, 63, and Principle's Securities Licenses. Cheri achieved the coveted rank of Regional Vice President and ran her own financial office where she had Millions of Dollars in Assets under Management for her clients.

    With her passion for investing, Cheri began studying about real estate investing, and became personally interested in building her own real estate investment portfolio. Shortly thereafter, she found a company that was offering real estate investor training, and had a direct sales opportunity attached. With the timing in the market and the chance to work closely with the company owners of this start-up business, Cheri knew this was an opportunity of a lifetime for her.

    She made the decision to get involved with the company full-time, and over the next five years, went on to make Millions and Millions of Dollars in personal income. She was the company's top producer for three out of five years, and earned the title of Independent National Senior Advisor, overseeing a large territory that generated Tens of Millions of Dollars in annual sales. Cheri won numerous awards, won trips around the world, and was honored with the opportunity to be featured in Your Business At Home magazine and on the cover of Success From Home magazine in 2008. In addition to her success with the company, Cheri implemented the strategies taught by the company and built a personal real estate portfolio worth over $8 Million, including her beautiful beach home in Hawaii.

    With a 10-year track record, ranging from $700 to over 7-figures, her Multi-Million Dollar success story is directly attributed to the training systems she was able to design and implement into her sales organization over that period of time. Without these systems in place, Cheri was not able to earn a 6-figure income. Once she implemented the B.A.N.K.™ Personality Sales Training System, which she authored, she was able to earn Millions of Dollars and help many others do the same. In 2010, Cheri was ready to bring her Xtreme Training Systems to market, and successfully launched Global XTS.

    Dedicated to living her XTREME Dream, Cheri spends her free time doing the things she loves, including golfing, traveling, going to the beach, enjoying the outdoors, and having fun with family and friends. Since most of her childhood was spent living around the world, she still loves to travel abroad and enjoys the diversity of international cultures and people. Cheri speaks four different languages and plans to learn more as time permits.

  • Jenny Luetkemeyer COO & Co-Founder

    Jenny Luetkemeyer is Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder of Global XTS. With the perfect combination of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, Jenny is able to integrate the company's vision into an operational business plan that is designed for long-term growth and international expansion. She brings over 20 years of experience in education and training, sales and marketing, franchising, business development and network marketing.

    Jenny started her career in an entry-level position with a Multi-Billion Dollar Fortune 100 Company. While working full time, she simultaneously attended school and earned an Associates of Arts degree in Economics from Los Angeles Valley College and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Management from the University of Redlands. Her tenacious work ethic, commitment to excellence and her education put Jenny on the fast track to climbing the corporate ladder. During her 13 year tenure at AT&T, Jenny developed several systems to increase productivity and reduce absenteeism as an Operations Manager and she helped generate Millions of Dollars in sales as a Sales and Marketing Executive and Corporate Trainer.

    After many accomplished years in Corporate America, Jenny aspired to learn more about being an entrepreneur and partnered with a savvy business owner as the company's Vice President of Business Development. She was instrumental in creating key relationships with business clients and the media, enabling the company to successfully launch its new product line. Jenny's ability to build relationships and create strategic joint venture partnerships has proven to be the driving force behind her continued success and it was no surprise that she was now ready to launch her own company and embrace being a full-time entrepreneur!

    In 2007, she took her years of business experience and combined it with her personal passion for health and wellness and started her own business. In addition, Jenny was introduced to network marketing and decided to leverage this distribution method and business model to create a residual income stream. Although she was quick to achieve rank advancements and travel the world networking with industry leaders and other business owners, she grew frustrated with the industry's attrition rate and lack of training and duplication systems for long-term growth.

    Determined to find a more sustainable business model with a system that could provide certainty and predictability, Jenny was introduced to franchising. She became fascinated with the success rate of franchises and discovered this success was directly attributed to the duplicatable system of the franchise. This is when her breakthrough happened! Jenny immediately recognized that the key to success in network marketing and direct sales was to apply the same business principles she learned from the franchise industry.

    Jenny began looking for a way to merge the concept of training and duplication systems with the network marketing business model. As fate would have it, in 2010 Jenny met Cheri Tree, the CEO of Global XTS, at a business event. As they began networking, Cheri revealed to Jenny that she had made Millions of Dollars in the Direct Sales industry and attributed this success to having implemented a 'system' patterned after the franchise business model! The two instantly collaborated and Jenny enthusiastically accepted the opportunity to help Cheri launch what is known today as Global XTS. Over the next two years, Jenny helped to develop the systems and marketing strategies to take Global XTS to markets around the world and is committed to getting this proven training system into the hands of every distributor in the industry!

    Since 'living the XTREME Dream' is part of the brand, Jenny makes sure that she lives a life of balance. When she's not at the office or on a plane to meet with the company's top clients, you can find her golfing, traveling, exercising, or going to the beach, concerts, shows, and movies. Jenny enjoys the outdoors, sports, mountain biking, music, dancing, photography, volunteering, and spending as much time as possible with friends, family and her two dogs Ebony and Sugar Bear.

  • Tom Tree CFO & Co-Founder

    Tom Tree is Chief Financial Officer and Co-Founder of Global XTS. With years of international experience from living abroad, combined with over a decade of business experience in both the corporate world and as an entrepreneur, Tom is able to implement corporate governance and financial strategies that are building Global XTS into a Multi-Million Dollar international training company.

    Tom earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship in 1999 from Brigham Young University. While still in college, Tom applied his passion for business and sales and joined a network marketing company. He quickly became one of the company's top producers and was awarded a luxury car allowance, where he purchased a brand new Ford Mustang GT. With his incredible success, Tom became committed to living the life of an entrepreneur and living his XTREME Dream.

    After graduating from college, Tom began working in corporate America, including a Fortune 1000 company, so that he could gain the business experience needed to be successful as an entrepreneur. During this time, Tom worked in a variety of positions to maximize his experience, including inside and outside sales, account management, finance and investor relations. Although his future was promising in corporate America, Tom made the decision to pursue his true passion of being an entrepreneur.

    Remembering the success he enjoyed in prior years, Tom re-engaged in the direct sales industry. He worked in several different companies and found that working together with his sister and best friend, Cheri, was the most rewarding. Following Cheri's systems and coaching, Tom became a 6-figure income earner in the direct sales industry.

    In early 2004, Tom made a decision to partner with a network marketing company owner and purchase a subsidiary franchise in the real estate industry. Tom was instrumental in running the business and managing the company's finances. His franchise generated Millions of Dollars in sales and it was here that Tom saw the value of a 'turn-key system'. This inspired Tom and ignited his passion for running a business based on proven systems.

    With his love for business systems and network marketing, Tom was invited to become a partner and Co-Founder of a business that combined the best of both worlds, Global XTS. Tom and Cheri have been joined in business in various ways for many years. It's always been their dream and passion to work together and build a successful business, and Global XTS was the perfect opportunity. Tom is a tremendous asset to the team and his track record in business, sales, network marketing, finance, and franchising adds the perfect skill set to the partnership.

    Tom loves to spend time with his beautiful wife Nancy and his three amazing children. He enjoys the outdoors, traveling, sports, and scouting. Tom is a member of the Rotary Club and is also an Eagle Scout who enjoys dedicating a lot of his free time to the Boy Scouts of America.