Global XTS was founded by 7-Figure income earner and industry leader, Cheri Tree. A former white water rafting guide and college graduate, Cheri turned to direct sales and network marketing for the chance to 'Live the XTREME Dream'. In her first five years, she earned an annual income ranging from $700 - $70,000. During this time, she committed herself to success and attended a Super Saturday training nearly every Saturday for five years solid. Despite her commitment and training, she still couldn't break the 6-figure threshold. Frustrated but not defeated, Cheri Tree took a step back to re-evaluate her business and find a better way. What she discovered next changed history!

As an avid student of the industry, Cheri Tree studied from industry legends and learned that 'success leaves clues'. It was here that she realized that the franchise industry's success rate could teach her a valuable business lesson-the importance of SYSTEMS. Cheri realized that training alone was not the answer. The key to success was to implement a training system. This was the game changer. Cheri began building her training and duplication system, and within 2-3 years, her personal income was well over $1 Million per year and climbing.

As a result of following this system, Cheri experienced her own 'Roger Bannister' moment in early 2006. She took her personal monthly income from $8,000 to $261,000 in just 28 days-setting a record in her former company that has still never been beat!

From that point forward, the rest is history! Cheri rolled out her training system to her entire sales organization. Her team embraced the new training system and sales began to spike immediately. Cheri was rapidly duplicating herself by creating other 6 & 7-figure income earners that were following her system.

Cheri was the first to be awarded the prestigious Million-Dollar ring in her company and won numerous top producer awards, including exotic trips around the world. The industry definitely took notice of her success, and in 2008 Cheri was featured in Your Business at Home Magazine and on the cover of Success From Home magazine.

By her mid 30's, Cheri was living her XTREME Dream! She had bought a Multi-Million Dollar home in Redondo Beach and a vacation home in Hawaii. She was traveling the country and training her sales organization to duplicate the system. However, she knew that there were far more people whom could benefit from this training system if they could just get access to it.

In late 2008, Cheri made a monumental decision to retire as a distributor so that she could focus full-time on helping the entire Direct Sales industry on a global scale. While still in start-up mode, she teamed up with Jenny Luetkemeyer, COO and Co-Founder of Global XTS in 2010. Jenny's comprehensive business background coupled with her passion and tenacity, were instrumental in the strategic planning and successful launch of Global XTS. With their sales rapidly increasing, this dynamic duo added Tom Tree to their executive team. With his entrepreneurial background and brilliant financial mind, Tom took the position as CFO and became the third Co-Founder of the company.

Today, Global XTS has expanded their Xtreme Training Systems internationally and works in collaboration with company executives, leaders and distributors to deliver a training system that creates results, reduces attrition, drives sales, and expands the distributor base. Global XTS is the world leader of Direct Sales and Network Marketing training systems, and a proud Supplier Member of the DSA.