COURSE 1 - Step 1: Game Plan

    • Establish the importance of having a business plan
    • Mind your own business. Take responsibility for your successes or failures.
    • How to treat your business like a business, and not like a hobby
    • The importance of building your business plan to include plans and strategies for each of the 12 steps in the Level 300 curriculum.

    COURSE 1 - Step 2: Mindset

    • Understand the power of your thoughts and how that affects your financial results
    • Learn how to build a better Money Blueprint
    • Discover your role in determining a new financial outcome
    • Unlock the 17 Wealth Files that reveal the difference between the wealthy and the poor or middle class

    COURSE 1 - Step 3: Goals

    • Apply the 5 Golden Rules of Goal Setting
    • Learn how to set goals using the S.M.A.R.T. criteria
    • Develop a plan to set your goals within four key categories to maximize your results
    • Implement an accountability program designed to increase your odds of achieving your goals by 3X

    COURSE 1 - Step 4: Time Management

    • Understand the power of the 80/20 rule, and how to leverage it to your advantage
    • Comprehend the three categories of Time-Based Activities and how they can make or break you in business
    • Gain clarity on the right types of activities required to produce the most results
    • Learn the Time-Allocation Formula, and apply it to your part-time or full-time schedule

    COURSE 1 - Step 5: Marketing

    • Understand the importance of designing a marketing strategy using 7 key steps
    • Be able to define your company's USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
    • Learn to identify your specific target markets for your product and your opportunity
    • Put together a compelling 'Guerrilla Marketing' strategy to attract your specified target markets

    COURSE 1 - Step 6: Prospecting

    • Learn the different between prospecting and selling
    • Discover the 15 prospecting strategies and put together a plan of implementation
    • Find the places that your target markets are most likely spending their time
    • Learn to sort your prospects and avoid time with suspects

    COURSE 2 - Social Media Prospecting: Facebook

    • Learn the do's and don'ts of prospecting with social media
    • Understand the importance of building relationships rather than promoting your products or opportunity
    • Discover how to prospect for your target markets on Facebook
    • Leverage the power of Facebook to help you find new prospects and customers

    COURSE 3 - Social Media Prospecting: Twitter / YouTube / Blogging

    • Understand the power of attraction marketing
    • Learn how to set up a profile that attracts your target market
    • Leverage the platforms of Twitter and You Tube to build a following and generate leads
    • Realize the influence you can have by building your own blog

    COURSE 4 - Lead Generation Strategies

    • Learn over 100 ways to generate new leads for your business
    • Understand that the key to staying in business is to have a constant and steady flow of qualified leads to work with
    • Discover many new ways of being creative with your lead generation tactics
    • Learn how to focus on lead strategies that attract your specific target markets

    COURSE 1 - Step 7: Networking

    • Learn the qualities of a Master Networker
    • Discover the strategies used by Master Networkers for each networking event
    • Understand how to maximize your networking experience and get the most value for your time, money, and efforts
    • Gain insight on how to collect 'C.O.I.N.s' and how to build a successful and profitable relationship with each C.O.I.N.

    COURSE 2 - Networking Tips For The Holidays

    • Discover ways to leverage the holidays to help you build your business
    • Find ways to promote your products as holiday gifts
    • Notify your warm market of your business expansion in a holiday letter
    • Make the time to reflect on your current year and plan for your New Year

    COURSE 1 - Step 8: Recruiting

    • Understand the importance of recruiting new distributors as a primary focus
    • Learn the sequence of exposures and how to pre-qualify your distributor candidates
    • What types of ads work to drive recruiting momentum
    • How to conduct interviews and build excitement for your income opportunity

    COURSE 2 - Recruiting Ads & Scripts

    • Learn three simple steps to starting a conversation with a prospect
    • Discover ways to recruit new distributors outside of your existing warm market
    • Build a compelling ad campaign to attract your target market
    • Understand the entire recruiting process and how to successfully conduct an interview

    COURSE 1 - Step 9: Sales

    • Understand that you are part of the Direct Sales industry, and you must improve your ability to sell (influence)
    • Uncover the three stages your clients must go through in their decision-making process
    • Learn to navigate the sales process and overcome objections with confidence
    • Know the number one reason why a buyer doesn't move forward, and how to help them resolve their concerns

    COURSE 1 - Step 10: Leadership

    • Understand the three phases of leadership and learn to move through them as quickly as possible
    • Learn how the Law of the Lid directly affects your ability to influence others
    • Embrace the idea of personal development and learn how to 'recruit up'
    • Realize that in order to grow a real business in this industry, you must learn to duplicate your efforts and leverage the system to assist you

    COURSE 1 - Step 11: Teamwork

    • Learn the importance of teamwork and how critical it is that you build your own team culture
    • Understand what it takes to build a championship team
    • Commit to implementing something special for your team immediately, even if you are the only person on your team currently
    • Remember that there's no such thing as a 'Self-Made Millionaire'. Becoming a Millionaire is a team sport, and you're the captain of your team.

    COURSE 1 - Step 12: Training & Personal Development

    • Understand the three requirements needed in the Training Success Formula
    • See training as an investment rather than an expense
    • Embrace the fact that training and personal development requires a lifetime commitment
    • Realize that your objective is not to become the best trainer, but the best promoter of the training system for total duplication