COURSE 1 - Welcome to Global XTS

    • Understand the Global XTS training system to maximize your training experience
    • Learn about the Level 100 - 400 progressive curriculum and certification programs
    • Gain insight about the importance of leverage the Global XTS training system with your sales organization
    • Commit to training on a regular basis

    COURSE 2 - Your Global XTS Training Experience

    • Take a tour of the Levels 100 - 400 curriculum
    • Use the course workbooks to compliment your learning experience
    • Understand the importance of tests, tracking, reporting, and Level Certifications
    • Learn how to access our portfolio of Xtreme Tools, Services and Solutions

    COURSE 3 - Introduction To The Direct Sales Industry

    • Explore the history of the Direct Sales Industry
    • Understand the importance of industry associations in the global marketplace
    • Discover the magnitude of commerce through the Direct Sales distribution channel
    • Embrace the credibility and viability of a professional career in Direct Sales

    COURSE 4 - Top 10 Mistakes

    • Learn the Top 10 mistakes distributors are making with their business
    • Gain insight on the important do's and don't from the beginning
    • Understand how to avoid the most common mistakes
    • Focus on implementing a plan to succeed and beat the odds

    COURSE 5 - No Train, No Gain

    • Learn the number one reason for entrepreneur failure
    • Understand the three components of the Training Success Formula
    • Gain valuable insight on the skills sets required to succeed in the Direct Sales industry
    • Learn when to invest in training according to the Training Investment Formula

    COURSE 6 - How To Have 100% Success

    • Overcome your fears and get into massive action
    • Learn the four core beliefs you must embrace before you begin
    • Gain an insight into the four levels of learning and set reasonable expectations
    • Embrace the Champion's Creed: NMWWIT

    COURSE 7 - Get Started With Massive Action

    • Have a success road M.A.P. (Massive Action Plan)
    • Implement a 7-step process to get into Massive Action
    • Master your ABC's (Audio Business Card)
    • Get your business off to a Fast Start

    COURSE 1 - Fast Start Overview

    • Understand the importance of getting your business off to a Fast Start
    • Learn why it's important for your friends, family and warm market to see you succeed early on
    • Gain confidence with yourself and increase your long-term commitment to your business
    • Set an example for your new distributors to help them get their business off to a Fast Start

    COURSE 2 - Define Your Why

    • Define your dreams and get a burning desire to achieve them
    • Master the three principles of Be, Do, Have
    • Learn the five steps to defining your dreams
    • Get specific with S.M.A.R.T. goals

    COURSE 3 - Build Your List

    • Understand the importance of your warm market
    • Learn the key Do's and Don'ts when building your list
    • Discover the top characteristics of the ideal prospect
    • Unlock the power of the Law of the Lid

    COURSE 4 - Sorting vs. Selling

    • Understand the difference between sorting and selling
    • Avoid the tendency to pre-judge your warm market prospects
    • Apply the 'Apple Analogy' when sorting your list
    • Narrowing your list down to your Top 25

    COURSE 5 - Power Invitation Scripts

    • Learn the keys to an effective invitation script
    • Leverage the power of a sizzle call to launch your business
    • Avoid the biggest mistakes made during the invitation process
    • Understand the importance of posturing with your prospect

    COURSE 6 - Promoting Events

    • Understand the importance of promoting for events/li>
    • Master the art of edification
    • Learn the techniques of the pique and pass process
    • Discover the sequence of events in the exposure process

    COURSE 7 - Your Private Business Reception

    • Learn how to host your own Private Business Reception (PBR)
    • Understand the key Do's and Don'ts of hosting your own PBR
    • Successfully market and promote your PBR
    • Assemble a powerful team to help you launch your business at your PBR

    COURSE 8 - Your 90-Day Fast Start Plan

    • Implement a strategy for long-term success
    • Plan out your 90-day Fast Start Strategy
    • Develop a weekly schedule that you commit to
    • Learn how to set the proper expectations to beat the odds

    COURSE 9 - Know Your Numbers

    • Discover the conversion difference between warm market and cold market
    • Learn how to track your numbers from invitation to sales & recruiting conversion
    • Use our Xtreme Goal Tracker™ to increase your success and hold yourself accountable
    • Understand the importance of running your business like a business